Software development - Our mission  

As a software development house founded in 2011, we seek to combine the most recent technologies with professional expertise. Our aim is to provide creative and cost-effective custom software solutions for businesses to help them start and grow

about us

Why Choose Roundium?

  • Customized Solutions

    We employ an arsenal of the greatest software development tools along with tested working models. By doing so, we develop softwares to fit your business needs. That is to say, we create what’s right for you and your customers.

  • Valued Relationships

    We are committed to maintaining a high standard of service. Beyond the creation of high-quality products, we highly value partnerships and put a lot of emphasis on communication and project management.

  • Trusted Expertise

    In order to ensure exceptional service quality, we follow a well-thought-out software development process. Our custom software products are built by the best software developers always using a set of the most fitting technologies and methods.

We have been part of the outsourcing industry since 2011. We have successfully implemented remote strategic programs in custom software development, software product development, development of mobile applications, and blockchain programming services. Roundium has been serving clients thousands of miles away, maturing to a necessary extent, dependent on the client’s in-house team.

Main concern of the Roundium

The Roundium is always concerned with upgrading and a better understanding of the endless environment of technology.

At Roundium, we always try to improve our technology by continuously educating our colleagues and transferring knowledge to our customers.

More than software development – Our approach 

Software development is of the utmost importance for modern-day businesses. However, the endless search for optimal solutions and the right software developer can be frustrating. At Roundium, we understand how much value a well-made software product and the expertise of professional software developers can add to your business. As a software development house we have the understanding of the challenges businesses face in such situations. We have been continuously broadening our horizon and gaining insights in the latest technology so we can provide our clients with the best of it. Furthermore, we put emphasis on good partnerships and the empowerment of our colleagues as well as our clients. We are grateful to have worked with our partners near and far and we are proud to have contributed to their success.


Our vision

Our vision is to provide every business with access to the best IT services and create the opportunity for them to overcome technical and environmental challenges in order to grow to the desired level.