About Roundium

Roundium, is a software development house, aims to provide you with the practical software solutions that fits the real world problems. We are differentiated in our industry because we are ethical and responsible in every project. Here at Roundium, we present you with well-thought-out procedures and workflows. We offer web design and development, application design, blockchain software development, and practical solutions for developing software startups.

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Application design

We develop user-friendly applications that match your expectations and meet your customers’ needs. We at Roundium keep up-to-date with the latest trends in mobile application development and provide perfect user experience. That being so, you will enjoy a great boost to your business.


Web application design

Our web applications offer an innovative solution for improving user experience and efficiency of work processes at the same time. In fact, these apps are accessible on any device with internet connection. It also means you can ensure a great user experience without the need to download software


Website design

We create state-of-the-art website designs that connect you with your customers and help you reach your business goals. Our team will build a well-designed website and maximize its potential in order to generate traffic and conversion.


Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Progressive Web Applications by Roundium combine the best features of native applications and websites. Consequently, PWAs we create are reliable, responsive, and fast. What more, we make them work offline. Also, we use the most recent technologies to build consistent user interfaces and to maximize user experience.



Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of any marketing strategy nowadays. Knowing that, our SEO service is designed to make your site rank as high as possible in search engine results pages. Higher visibility generates increased traffic and together with effective targeting, improves conversion rate.


Team as a service

How can you increase efficiency and support your project with the needed skills and agility? A most convenient way is to bring in a well-managed and high-performing team of software specialists. With Roundium on your team, you can focus on your strengths and business. At the same time, you bring in a great deal of expertise at a reduced cost.

Roundium software development process



Our product development process starts with an exploratory phase. Basically, this initial session provides a lot of information. In the discovery phase, we learn about you and your business. That is to say, we gain a better understanding of the scope of your project and your needs. It allows us then to create a project development roadmap, provide a time and cost estimate and find the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for you.



As an important part of the software development process at Roundium, we build an early model of the product. The prototype can be helpful in many ways. First, it demonstrates the functions of the product. Second, we can test it and make improvements to it at an early stage, which is far less expensive than changing the final product. Given these points, it saves both time and money.



This is the stage of the development process at which we bring the actual functional product into life. That is to stay, we take account of all the information gathered at the previous stages and programming starts. During this process, our experienced developers at Roundium use the latest software development technologies. They put all the necessary technical features in order to maximize security and performance.


Testing and product release

Testing is performed to find out if there are errors then detect and fix them. Through this process we make sure the final product meets all the functionality, performance, reliability, and security requirements. Once the product has been approved by our test team, it is ready for deployment.



Software design process at Roundium doesn’t end with the final product being released. In fact, it’s the point when product maintenance starts. At this state we monitor server activity in order to make sure everything continues to function at the highest level. Furthermore, we ensure security and protection from cyber attacks.

Web Design And

Creating an optimized website using a unique design makes you outstanding! A user-friendly design, a practical user experience, and a professional content management system is what every website needs to buckle down! Roundium uses robust content management systems and web programming technologies such as Python Django or ReactJs, WordPress built with PHP to design and implement a wide range of custom graphic designs and modules. Seo and the content format changing ability are among the unique features we offer for the websites. You can use unlimited content management systems or game text (English, Persian, etc.) with different graphic designs based on your need. The latest user experience and the newest technology, such as HTML5, CSS3, SASS, SVG, BOOTSTRAP, React, and Python Django, make every website a responsive, user-friendly professional platform.


Technologies We Use

  • React Native React Native
  • Swift Programming Swift Programming
  • Java Programming Java Programming
  • Sqlite and Realm Sqlite and Realm
  • Firebase Firebase
  • Push Notifications Push Notifications
  • React
  • Django FrameWork Django FrameWork
  • Docker Docker
  • Postgres Database Postgres Database
  • Python Python Programming
  • Remote development Remote development
  • Productiity management Productiity management
  • Agile development Agile development


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