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Why Choose Python for Web Development?

5 October 2020

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The first and most important feature of this Python is its “simplicity and ease.” This feature makes Python training one of the best options for those who want to learn to program for the first time. You can learn Python very quickly and start coding quickly. But make no mistake, the simplicity of Python does not mean that it is weak, but Python is an interpreter, multi-purpose, high-level programming language that fully supports object-oriented and structured programming.

What is the Python programming language?

This programming language is widely used globally, and it does not matter if your goal is to create web applications and desktop programming or even artificial intelligence programming and machine learning; this language is the best way to do it all. They will come out, and it can be boldly claimed that it will not leave you alone in other programming areas. To understand Python’s most essential features that make it such a powerful language, you need to know its structure.

Python is a flexible and powerful language with a very stable structure and effortless coding. This programming language has a lot of focus on code readability so that anyone can easily read and communicate with the code of this language. As mentioned, Python supports a variety of programming methods such as process, function, and of course, object-oriented. This has led them to open accounts for large and sensitive Python projects.

What are the features of the Python programming language?

The interpretability of this language means that the Python codes are translated line by line by the interpreter. There is a Python interpreter for different operating systems. The task of this interpreter is to translate Python code into machine language and then execute them. Many Linux distributions have Python and its interpreter by default, and you can start coding on this operating system without having to do anything. The Windows version and the Mac OS’s installation file can also be downloaded from the Python website.

The History of Python Language

Let’s take a brief look at Python history. Python is originally Dutch and dates back to 1990. Before creating Python, Mr. Guido van Rossum worked on the ABC project, a grammatical and all-purpose programming language. In fact, Python was an attempt by Rossum to improve the ABC language and address some of its weaknesses. Follow us to get acquainted with the concept of Python.

The first version of Python was introduced in 1990. A year later, in 1991, essential concepts such as Class, List, and String were supported in Python. Among the most important features added to this language this year are Lambda, map and Filter support. All of this went hand in hand to make Functional Programming easier in Python.

Which companies use Python?


Today, few people do not know that Instagram is the largest photo and video sharing service in the world. The users of these social media have reached more than one billion people. When Instagram touches on something with so many users, it’s probably worth a try. Instagram is currently the most extensive system implemented under one of the Python frameworks called Django and uses Python for its backend.


Many search engines on the Internet are supposed to provide the best answers and results to users. The Google search engine has won the title of the best and most popular Internet search engine among all of them. Google dates back to 1996, when two Ph.D. students, Sergei Brin and Larry Page, began work on a research project. The IT giant has used Python to help design many of its products.


Spotify is one of the most famous music sharing services in the world. The service uses various tools on the server-side, with one Spotify engineer claiming that Python accounted for 80% of the development. As you can see, one of the most popular programs made with Python is Spotify.


Netflix is ​​a well-known name in the Internet TV industry and has users in 40 countries around the world. The company, which is one of the largest streaming movies and series services, has announced in its blog that it has used Python to develop various sectors.


If you are not familiar with this company, I must say that Snap was a successful Uber copy. Millions of people use this internet taxi every day. The company uses different languages ​​such as Java, Go, etc., but has introduced two languages ​​as the core. One is Node.js for the marketing team, and one is Python for the technical departments and so on.


Dropbox is one of the best file hosting services. With the help of this service’s cloud memory, wherever you are, you will have access to your files only by accessing your account. Have you ever wondered how the Dropbox went from 2,000 users to 200 million users? One reason was the use of powerful languages like Python. Not only do they use Python, but they also hire its maker to run the Python process at the company under the guidance of Python, the original developer of Python.


Pinterest is an image-focused social media with nearly 300 million active users in 2019. Today, Pinterest uses the Django framework, which is one of the Python frameworks. The Django framework is one of the most popular web development frameworks.

What are the other applications of Python?

  • Web Development
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Applications related to machine language
  •  Internet of Things IoT
  • Great commercial applications
  • Desktop GUI


What are the top Python frameworks for web development?

Python frameworks offer very attractive features to its users. Python frameworks make it easy for many programmers to work because they are Full-Stack. Below we get acquainted with the essential Python frameworks for web development:

Django Framework

The Django framework is trendy among programmers due to its high speed and high web development capabilities is one of the best Python frameworks. Free, open-source, and having plenty of Python libraries help developers develop applications. Django supports many databases and can transfer data between them. This Python framework has been used in many projects, including Instagram, Pinterest and Mo

zilla.One of the main reasons to use Django is to be flexible in different environments and reduce the cost of updating and adding new features to the system.

WEB2PY framework

This framework is also open source and database-based and has a tool for editing, testing and tracking errors. The ability to use multiple protocols simultaneously, high data security, having an editor and MVC support encourage developers to use this framework.

TurboGears framework

Turboggers is a robust framework that requires more mastery of the Python language to work with, but the capabilities it provides for application development are well worth the effort. MVC template support, Python libraries, and support for various databases in this framework can meet programmers’ needs in web development.

Flask Framework

Flask Framework is a web development framework very close to the Java language with a simple but scalable structure and is used by many programmers. The library does not have many libraries and tools, so it is called a micro-frame, but it has a set of libraries and modules that make it easy to work with protocols and some other details in software implementation.


What are the benefits of website design with Django?

Adrian Hollowati and Simon Willison gradually formed Django in 2005 when they began building applications with the Python language. Maybe even these two developers did not think that one day the Django framework would be used to such an extent that today sites like Instagram, Mozilla, Washington Times, Disqus, Bitbucke, Nextdoor and Pinterest are written based on this framework.

Django is a high-level web framework that encourages the rapid and practical development of a clean design. A web framework contains all the tools and components that an application needs. The goal here is to allow the web developer to focus on new and specific parts of each project instead of implementing duplicate elements in each project. And in fact, Django is almost one of the complete frames in this field.

Django follows essential principles, which are less coding, faster development, clean design and non-repetition. It is noteworthy that this framework has been reviewed and approved by many people, which has made it more credible. Also, the use of very large sites such as YouTube and Facebook has caused attention to this language.

Django focuses on SEO and optimization

According to the approach that site developers and SEO have, Django is designed to take into account the SEO-related issues during standard coding. The URL structure is one such example. The page address in Django is in a way that is understandable to the human user, so it is also optimized for search engines, and the site can have good SEO.

Also, another category of SEO that has high speed is observed in this framework. Of course, having a high site speed is not just about the framework, and in all sections of a site, you should consider the issues related to high speed and reducing page load time.

Having high security

  • Django avoids many common mistakes by providing a framework called “do the right things” that helps the programmer.
  • Django prevents the password from being hacked by storing the password and encrypting it every time it is entered.

So if we want to examine Django in terms of security, we come to an extremely excellent framework with a very low permeability coefficient.

Django and large commercial projects

Due to this, Django is very scalable and consists of a set of un interdependent components and, therefore, can be easily removed or changed, which is the best option for doing business projects.

Choose PHP or Python to design your site?

Both PHP and Python have their strengths and weaknesses, and neither is better than the other. In some projects, PHP works better, and sometimes Python surpasses it. PHP is an excellent choice for site design due to its high speed and long history of server programming. Python also allows you to have a fantastic journey in different technology areas due to the simplicity and variety of libraries.



 In conclusion, we suggest you if you are a beginner in  web design, learn PHP. But if you want to learn a programming language that can help you in various areas, Python is the right choice.