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Website Design

The importance of having a well-designed website cannot be understated as it is a fundamental link between your business and your customers. Web design at Roundium combines expertise with cutting-edge technologies to enhance your business.

Website design process in Roundium

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    Product discovery

    The process starts with an exploratory discussion that gives us understanding of your needs, business goals, and audience. In return, it saves you time and ensures that the end product is cost-effective and meets end users’ needs. Our team gathers and analyzes information about your business and the actual project. This helps us identify your needs and work out the whole website design process that best fits those needs. Product discovery allows us to gain understanding of the scope and limitations of the project. We define the direction of the web development process and create a plan to take your product from initial ideas to launch. The discovery phase of the web design process involves estimation of the budget, establishment of timeline and selection of fitting technologies. In order to reach these predefined goals we rely on productive communication and always make sure the project is on track. This initial phase of website design is essential for a successful end product.

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    UI and UX design

    UI stands for User Interface. It is the system through which a user interacts with your website. With optimization, our website development team builds an attractive and responsive UI. The interface must be consistent and easy to use in order to secure smooth and lasting user engagement. Graphic elements of your website, such as pens, images, layouts and color schemes, are all integral parts of the UI design. UX stands for User Experience. As a special area within web design, UX focuses on users’ feelings and behavior. We learn more about your business so we understand your product vision and your audience. Knowing your customers allows us to optimize your website for effective and enjoyable use. We are aware of the importance of good user experience. Customers who have poor user experience are most likely to make a purchase somewhere else – and we can’t let that happen.

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    At the developmental stage of website design we create the actual functional site for you. Our team brings a website to life that has the full potential to generate traffic and conversion. We utilize the information generated during the previous stages then we do the programming. We integrate the technical features and put all the necessary modules in place. Our web design team uses a range of the latest software development technologies such as Python in order to ensure high levels of security and performance for your website.

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    Test and debug

    Testing and Debugging are essential stages in the website design process. While testing is performed in order to find out if there are errors, debugging is done to detect and fix these errors. During the test phase we thoroughly inspect the website to check if it meets user needs, which is vital when it comes to the success of your website. Test phase is followed by debugging. Debugging plays a critical role in web design as the process during which our team fixes every possible bug in the software. This procedure involves identification, analysis and removal of errors. This allows us to make sure your website meets the criteria of functionality, security and performance. Once testing and debugging have been completed, your website is ready to launch.

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    An attractive and optimized website is fundamental but the web design process doesn’t end once your website has been activated. The significance of regular maintenance should never be overlooked. Lack of proper maintenance work can cause a number of issues that potentially harms your business. Therefore, well-conducted regular maintenance of your website is essential for your business in order to engage and keep customers. We can regularly check your website for issues and fix those problems so you can always be sure your website is functioning properly. Our web design team also makes updates in order to keep your website up to date. The benefits of our service are manifold. Regular maintenance by our team ensures a constant high level of user experience and encourages potential customers to stay and make purchases on your site. Also, by keeping security systems up to date, maintenance provides protection from cyber attacks.

Technologies We Use


HTML5 is an improved version of the original HTML standard. HTML5-based web design allows users to access websites even without being connected to the Internet.

Also, you can easily add music, videos, podcasts, etc. to your website. Such multimedia elements can be included in your website without using Adobe Flash or any other third-party plugin. You can also upload your videos to a range of sites like Youtube or Vimeo, and embed them in your own website. Browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera all support HTML5. Web designs made in HTML5 allow users to access websites and applications from mobile devices as well as computers. Using HTML5 web design has numerous benefits for businesses that look for web content and web applications which are responsive to various web browsers and devices.


PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor. It is a scripting language used to develop static and dynamic website designs. Popular websites such as Wikipedia are developed using PHP. It is an effective technology that enables us to create appealing and secure websites. Versatility and flexibility are major benefits of a PHP-coded website. PHP-based web design is compatible with all major operating systems and servers. PHP ensures fast website loading that is crucial for capturing and maintaining the attention of your audience.  You might need to make changes to the website of your business from time to time. With PHP-based website design you can easily modify your pages based on changing requirements.


Python is a programming language favored by many businesses for its outstanding readability and efficiency. Scalability is another of the many advantages of Python. A system is scalable when it has the capacity to cope with a greater amount of usage. Some systems aren’t scalable and cannot handle extra usage outside the limits of their original design. When the number of your users starts to increase, scalability becomes a priority. Therefore, the best is to use a language for website design that scales great and is easy to maintain. No wonder that some of the world’s most popular software services rely on Python.

It is a portable language, which means it can run on various devices and platforms with ease. Python is also a cost-effective technology that allows us to speed the web design process up. It means it takes less time until you can launch your website and start business.

Django is the most widely used web framework of Python. We use it to create high-level websites. Python’s Django framework supports readable website URLs, which means it is advantageous from the actual user’ perspective and for search engines as well. Search engines use the keywords in the URL when ranking sites. As a remarkably fast and secure framework, Django helps us to take websites to completion within a short time.


Bootstrap is a powerful toolkit for creating and building web pages and web applications. Originally created for Twitter, Bootstrap is now widely used by businesses of all types due to the numerous benefits it has for them. The most important of those benefits are that it offers consistent design by using reusable components, it is compatible with various browsers and it is responsible by design. Bootstrap is an agile framework that allows us to save you time by speeding up the web design process. Bootstrap is great for building responsive websites. If your website is responsive, the screen size automatically adjusts to various platforms and devices. A Bootstrap-based website is compatible with all the major browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera.


WordPress is an excellent website builder and content management system (CMS) for both large and small websites. It powers both the backend of the website (the behind-the-scenes part where you can add new content) and the frontend (what your visitors see on the web). It is so popular that it is used by over 40% of all websites on the internet. No doubt that this sheer popularity is due to a range of advantages WordPress offers. It is flexible, which gives the opportunity to create a vast array of different types of websites. WordPress is secure providing a continuously improving level of security in web design. WordPress is also search engine-friendly with a very clean and simple code that makes reading and indexing a site’s content easy for search engines. Additional meta tag keywords can make SEO even more precise for you.


The first impression is always very important in web design, therefore, when customers look at your website it is crucial that they find it visually appealing and attractive. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a technology we use to achieve that. Using CSS3, the latest version of this language, we set up and organize the visual features, including fonts, colors and layout that make your website look good. CSS3 is a cost-effective, time-saving solution supported by most browsers.

Types of Website Design


Are you looking to have an attractive, bilingual, secure and up-to-date website within the shortest time and at the lowest cost possible? Our team will create a custom-made website by presenting basic web design, default patterns, and corporate coloring.


Would you like a more exclusive website design and brighter content? Then our premium design will be ideal for you. We alter the top designs to enhance your website’s visual identity in accordance with your needs.


If you are looking to stand out with a unique website, our Premium Plus web design is what will take you there. This design provides full optimization that supports your business on the highest level. We create a superior custom-made design for you that features state-of-the-art graphics.


Website design in Roundium

Each company and business has unique features that must be taken into account in the web design. We have more than ten years of experience in web designing, emphasizing collecting our customers’ requirements and needs. Roundium uses web programming technologies, such as Python Django or ReactJs, and open-source content management systems such as PHP WordPress. Besides, Roundium offers custom web design using graphic design and custom modules.


Types of website design

Basic design

Are you looking for a bilingual, beautiful, safe, and up-to-date website with the least cost and time? We offer you the best-customized design by presenting basic design, default patterns, and corporate coloring.

  •     The capabilities of this plan include:
  •     Bilingual
  •     Ability to view
  •     Delete all texts
  •     Edit
  •     Delete all images
  •     Ability to add files
  •     Ability to search for information on the site
  •     Ability to create information forms to enter the data of site users
  •     Very advanced and user-friendly content management system
  •     Advanced menu management system
  •     Using Ajax technology
  •     Multimedia management
  •     Basic site optimization features for search engines
  •     A multi-layered classification system and “drag and drop” site content for better content management
  •     Ability to manage links and introduce custom sites

Premium Plus Design

What do you think about a more customized design and more professional content? This design can be ideal for you. We change the top designs to match the website’s visual identity according to your needs.

Advanced design

The advanced design offers stronger optimization and will be more in line with your business criteria. Choose a custom graphic design; then, we will send a unique design in the form of images that are most in line with your organizational identity. In the next step, if you are satisfied, the plan will be implemented.

User Experience and User Interface

Behavioral model service

Implementing and developing a successful user interface is a delicate task. Your software behaves in various operations and is the starting point for designing a successful user experience alongside a beautiful and functional user interface.

The software behavior model determines the software operation and the possible results for the users.

* Bear in mind that developing and coding before creating a behavioral model for your software is a risky, costly, repetitive, and time-consuming method, and you are on edge! It is better to know that this service is provided as a functional mock-up model with UX.

UX Design Services

User experience is a required positive connection between your product & customers.

UX stands for User Experience, which indicates the level of user satisfaction with software products. To apply this expertise, we begin to learn about your business, industry & product vision. We will craft user experiences tailored toward your business’s traits by a comprehensive analysis. Keeping the market fit a focus from the very beginning ensures that your product’s user experience is seamless, with a high chance of successful adoption.


UI Design Services

UI focuses on all graphic items that the user has access to. These include pens, images, layouts, how to display the website on mobile, color schemes, etc.



Content support

An explicit, consistent content tells the world everything about your company. Roundium content support packages help your products go beyond what others visually see by applying the right voice tone and SٍٍEO strategies.

Web graphics

Our graphic team focuses on helping companies stand out by carefully studying the project details and the customers’ demands. We carry out any branding project, logo creation, and corporate identity for your business and company. Tell us about what you need, and we will make it true by presenting a clear identity for your company.

Online store design

Online stores have become a vital tool for any business and company. Our online store designs are easy to manage, facilitate shopping, and are fully optimized to achieve the best user experience (UX). Roundium responsive online store is based on your company image made with Python and PHP. Ready to start selling online? Tell us your idea about your project; we will take care of creating it exactly as you had imagined it.




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