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Web Application

Let high-level application design connect you with your audience and increase your business performance. Our user-friendly native and hybrid mobile apps will give a real boost to your business by reaching potential customers through a full range of mobile platforms. Websites vs web applications Web applications - just like websites - run in web browsers. Although, while websites are static informational feeds, web applications have an interactive nature. Because of this fundamental difference, the process of web application design greatly differs from the creation of a website. Unlike computer-based programs, web applications are accessible anywhere, anytime on any device. Therefore, there is no need to download, install, and update software. Consequently, it improves the efficiency of your work process.

Web Application process in Roundium

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    Product discovery

    The application development process starts with an exploratory discussion that helps us gain understanding of your needs and business goals. In return, it saves you time and ensures that the end product is cost-effective and meets end users’ needs. Our team gathers and analyzes information about the project and your business in general. This is how we identify your needs and work out the whole web app design process that best fits those needs. Product discovery allows us to realize the scope and limitations of the project. We define the direction of the application development process and create a plan to take your product from initial ideas to launch. This phase of the web app design process involves estimation of the budget, establishment of timeline and selection of fitting technologies. In order to reach these predefined goals we rely on productive communication and always make sure the project is on track. This initial stage of website app design is critical for a successful end product.

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    UI and UX design

    UI stands for User Interface. It is the system through which a user interacts with your application. With optimization, our application development team builds an attractive and responsive UI. The interface must be consistent and easy to use in order to secure smooth and lasting user engagement. Graphic elements of your web app, such as pens, images, layouts and color schemes, are all integral parts of the UI design. UX stands for User Experience. As a special area within web app design, UX focuses on users’ feelings and behavior. We learn more about your business so we understand your product vision and your audience. Knowing your customers allows us to optimize your application for effective and enjoyable use. We are aware of the importance of good user experience. Customers who have poor user experience are most likely to make a purchase somewhere else - and we can’t let that happen. 

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    At the developmental stage of web application design we create the actual functional site for you. Our team brings an app to life that has the full potential to generate traffic and conversion. We utilize the information generated during the previous stages then we carry out the programming. We integrate the technical features and put all the necessary modules in place. Our app design team uses a range of software development technologies such as Python in order to ensure high levels of security and performance for your application.

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    Test and debug

    Testing and Debugging are essential stages in the web app design process. While we perform testing in order to find out if there are errors, debugging is for detecting and fixing these errors. During the test phase we thoroughly inspect the application to check if it meets user needs, which is vital when it comes to the success of your app. Debugging is the phase that follows tests. It plays a critical role in web application design as the process during which our team fixes every possible bug in the software. This procedure involves identification, analysis and removal of errors. This allows us to make sure your app meets the criteria of functionality, security and performance. Once testing and debugging have been completed, your app is ready to launch.

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    An attractive and optimized web app is fundamental but the application design process doesn’t end once your app has been activated. The significance of regular maintenance should never be overlooked. Lack of proper maintenance work can cause a number of issues that potentially harms your business. Therefore, well-conducted regular maintenance of your app is essential for your business in order to engage and keep customers. We can regularly check your application for issues and fix those problems so you can always be sure your application is functioning properly. Our web app design team makes updates in order to keep your website up to date.  The benefits of our service are manifold. Regular maintenance by our team ensures a constant high level of user experience and encourages potential customers to stay and make purchases on your site. Also, by keeping security systems up to date, maintenance provides protection from cyber attacks.

Technologies We Use


React is a JavaScript library used in application development to build interactive elements in single-page web apps. JavaScript is a coding language our developers use to add interactive features to web applications. But why do industry giants like Paypal, Netflix and Apple use React? Because it is fast, simple and scalable. It is a high-performing yet flexible framework that is easy to maintain, which means considerable cost and time benefit for your business. Thanks to the fast rendering, React reduces speed load time, securing a better position for your web app on search engines’ result pages.


Django is the most widely used web framework of Python. We use it to create high-level web applications. Python’s Django framework supports readable URLs, which means it is advantageous from the actual user’ perspective as well as for search engines like Google. Search engines use the keywords in the URL when ranking sites, and as a remarkably fast and secure framework, Django helps us to take web applications to completion within a short time.


PHP stands for Hypertext Pre-Processor. It is a scripting language used to develop static and dynamic website and web application designs. Popular web apps such as Facebook are developed using PHP. It is considered a really effective technology that enables us to create appealing and secure web apps. Versatility and flexibility are major benefits of a PHP coded web app. A PHP-based web application design is compatible with all major operating systems and servers. PHP ensures shorter page load time which is crucial for capturing and maintaining the attention of your audience.  You might need to make changes to your web app from time to time. With PHP-based web application design you can easily modify your web app based on changing requirements.


MySQL is a relational database management system. It means you can store, retrieve and modify data in it and can use it in relation to other stored datasets. Some of the largest web applications like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and Youtube use MySQL for data storage purposes. Unmatched scalability is one of the strengths of MySQL that has made it so popular. This scalability means that we can ease the management of your web app for you regardless of the amount of data to handle. Enhanced performance also comes with compatibility, reliability and increased data security – which are more than important in web application design.


Python is a programming language favored by many businesses for its outstanding readability and efficiency. Scalability is another of the many advantages of Python. A system is scalable when it has the capacity to cope with a greater amount of usage. Some systems aren’t scalable and can’t handle extra usage outside the limits of their original design. When the number of your users starts to increase, scalability becomes a priority. Therefore, the best is to use a language for web application design that scales great and is easy to maintain. No wonder that some of the world’s most popular software services rely on Python.

It is a portable language, which means it can run on various devices and platforms with ease. Python is also a cost-effective technology that allows us to speed the web design process up. It means it takes less time until you can launch your web app and start business.


A working web application requires the ability to get information from users, store, access, update or even delete that information. You need a database, a system that enables you to interact with all the data generated by your web application and its users. Postgres is a database management system we use in web application design. It is an advanced stable system that supports high levels of performance optimization.


Jenkins is an automation tool developer use to build and test software projects continuously making it easier for us to integrate changes to your project. It allows us to test your app regularly during the web application design process instead of having to wait first until the project is completed. CI and CD stand for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

CI refers to the automated testing of certain components of your app while CD refers to the actual deployment of those components.


Docker is an open-source tool to automate the development, testing, deployment, and running of applications inside containers. Containers are packages that allow our developers to supply an application with all of the parts it needs, such as libraries and other system tools, and ship it as one package. This technology grants improved flexibility, cost-effectiveness and agility in web application design thanks to reduced infrastructure requirements and simplified development process and maintenance.


Linux is a well-known operating system, or more precisely, a Kernel, which is the most essential part of an operating system. The operating system manages the communication between your software and your hardware. Linux is suitable for creating programs, interfaces and web applications. In web application design Linux offers high levels of security and stability combined with tremendous flexibility in customising the system conforming to your needs.

Types of Web Application


Are you looking to have an attractive, bilingual, secure and up-to-date web app within the shortest time and at the lowest cost possible? Our team will create a custom-made web application by presenting basic web design, default patterns, and corporate coloring.


Would you like a more exclusive web app design and brighter content? Then our premium design will be ideal for you. We alter the top designs to enhance your web app’s visual identity in accordance with your needs.


If you are looking to stand out with a unique web application, our Premium Plus web app design is what will take you there. This design provides full optimization that supports your business on the highest level. We create a superior custom-made design for you that features state-of-the-art graphics.


Web application (web-based software design)

We empower our clients with adaptive web applications and envisage a web app addressing their needs and demands. The web application is an agile and efficient solution for all types of companies to interact with the customers. Roundium developers guide you to find the solution that best suits your needs.

Create powerful professional applications that run in browsers on different devices, without the need for plugins and with a great User Experience. Web Applications are currently the most demanded alternative for software development by all types of companies. Both small and large companies have Web Applications because they solve business problems, gaining efficiency and productivity, or create platforms in which users and clients interact with the company in an agile and simple way.

Software development by Python Django

The software developer is fundamental in the 21st-century society, characterized by the rise of digital systems. Python is a very famous programming language because, in the right hands, it becomes a kind of Swiss army knife in the world of software development. However, its ease does not involve any weakness or lack; on the contrary, large companies have established their platforms using their code, from small websites that began as experiments to large projects carried out by hierarchical organizations.


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