With our SEO service your site will achieve higher rankings on search engine results pages. Consequently, you will enjoy the benefits of increased online traffic.

SEO process in Roundium

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    Keyword analysis

    Keyword analysis is a fundamental part of SEO strategy. The aim of the process is to find keywords that bring the best results in terms of website visibility. Our experts use a wide selection of SEO tools in order to find those keywords for you. Overall, keyword analysis gives valuable insights into your target audience’s preferences.

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    On-page optimization

    On-page optimization is of critical importance when structure and quality of content and URLs are concerned. We are aware of the complexity of this part of SEO, therefore, we make sure all aspects of the optimization process are taken care of. This process covers various areas, such as images and text format, HTML, meta descriptions and title tags.

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    Competitor analysis

    Competitor analysis is the next essential phase in our SEO process. It enables us to identify your main competitors and examine their SEO performance. In so doing, not only do we gain invaluable information about your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses but also their market position in general. Then we investigate how that information can be used to rank higher, get more traffic, and get an edge over competition.

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    After analysing relevant keywords and your competitors, our experts can start to develop the most suitable SEO strategy for your project. We summarize all the information collected through research to form a plan and schedule related tasks. SEO efficiency depends greatly on careful planning. With thorough planning we can guarantee an improved online presence you need for success.

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    Execution of plan

    After extensive research and planning, the SEO strategy is ready to be carried out. Since links are important ranking factors, link building is key to a strong online presence. Content SEO is also essential. Your visitors as well as search engine bots scan and read your site’s content. Therefore, your pages need quality content to rank well. Article marketing can also be part of your SEO strategy in order to attract more potential customers.

Technologies We Use


Using the right tools is essential if you seek to optimize your marketing activities and sales. Some tools provide you with insights into the actions of potential customers interacting with your business online. This type of data analytics is called user behavior analytics. Hotjar is one of the top insight generation SEO tools. Besides analytics, it also collects user feedback through surveys, heatmaps and session recordings. Indeed, we can record the behavior of visitors on your site by analysing their screen or their clicking, scrolling and navigating patterns. All in all, with Hotjar we can provide you with research perspectives and better understanding of your customers.


It is an excellent traffic analytics tool we use to measure SEO performance. This tool allows us to create detailed reports based on data collected from your website. Whatever the purpose of your website, you need to understand the behavior of customers who interact with it. In fact, the data collected by Google Analytics give us useful information on how users find and use your website. This SEO tool shows us what content is the most engaging and most favored by users of your site. Also, it shows where those visitors came from and measures conversion rate. These points considered, there is no doubt Google Analytics is an invaluable SEO tool. It helps a lot in decision making processes and also shows what is working well and what needs improvement.


MOZ is a tool that offers an excellent mix of SEO functions for data measurement, evaluation and monitoring. We use it to examine the quality and potential of SEO optimization of your website. First, it helps us make your website successful by discovering and ranking the right keywords. Finding the right keywords is essential and MOZ shows us which keywords are the best. As SEO is a complex issue, therefore MOZ’s ability to fix common technical problems and thus maintain high quality traffic is invaluable. Also, search engines are designed to measure how much your pages meet customer needs. For that reason, we use MOZ to make sure visitors to your site always find the information they are looking for.



Firebase is an application design toolkit and platform built on Google infrastructure. To put it another way, all of the data, products, and services are backed by Google components. It’s important to note that while Google Analytics serves primarily as a web-oriented SEO tool, Firebase is more app-oriented. Firebase offers some powerful features for developing, handling, and enhancing applications. We also use Firebase to improve visibility of apps with robust SEO strategies. Part of it is Firebase indexing, which means making your app visible in Google’s search listings. By using Firebase we can fully optimize your app to support your business.


Ahrefs is a set of powerful SEO tools that we use for various analytical purposes. In the first place, Ahrefs is known as an excellent backlink research tool. A backlink is a link from a webpage to another and they play a decisive role in search engine optimization. Apart from backlink analysis, we use Ahrefs also for keyword analysis and website ranking. Ahrefs proves incredibly useful when it comes to discovering and ranking the most relevant keywords. Also, it enables us to track search engine traffic and rankings for your own and for your competitors’ sites as well. Consequently, you can compare your SEO performance to that of your competitors’.

Types of SEO


This package provides professional SEO consultancy services. Basic SEO includes discovery and selection of a limited number of relevant keywords without content creation. This type of  service is fast and cost-effective – an optimal choice for individuals and smaller companies.


Beyond professional consultancy service, Premium SEO service covers optimization without restriction on the number of relevant keywords. Content writing is also part of the package, adding valuable high-quality improvement your business deserves.


As a premium service, we actually assign one of our expert SEO specialists to work on your project part-time on your project. This way we ensure that premium support is provided to the  highest possible standard throughout the project. Supported by such extra service, our premium package grants all the benefits of professional SEO consultancy, unlimited keywords and  premium content creation


Let’s get more acquainted with the SEO process.

What is SEO?

The SEO ( Search Engine Optimization – Optimizing search engine ) improves the visibility of a website in different search engines naturally and organic. SEO strategy will allow you to improve your search engine position for specific results related to your Keywords or keywords of interest.

Who is an SEO expert?

An SEO expert is a specialist who analyzes websites and implements changes in order to optimize them for search engines. To put it another way, they use their comprehensive knowledge to develop and implement strategies to make your site more visible to potential customers. It is a complex process which requires a wide range of skills and a deep understanding of how search engines work. Besides their technical skills they need solid expertise in marketing as well. Based on the outcome of this process, we can optimize all the important elements of websites from page content to user experience.

What are SEO expert skills?

  • rely on their extensive knowledge of SEO and search engine algorithms
  • use an arsenal of SEO tools, including Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, and Google Trend.
  • discover and select target keywords
  • adjust website structure and make changes to content
  • develop strategies for content production, create links, and implement internal as well as external optimization
  • understand the impacts of social media on SEO
  • maximize efficiency with excellent time management
  • utilize their understanding of content management and programming languages

What is the main advantage of SEO?

Each SEO positioning project is a world. As in medicine, there is no single pill that cures all ills. Depending on your goals, the industry you are in, the market context, and your website’s current status, the plan to follow will be different. The right SEO strategy will generate new potential customers who would not have known you otherwise. We will ensure that your website appears in the first search results. 

What is the purpose of SEO?

Correct and successful SEO optimization can lead a website presence to receive thousands of users interested in your products or services, exponentially increasing your chances of commercial conversion. Our team of professionals will advise you and provide continuous coverage and monitoring of the strategy developed to aim that your website is in the top positions. SEO goals are: 

  •     Increase website traffic
  •     Increase sales of products and services
  •     Increase and improve the site ranking
  •     Expand brand name and internet branding
  •     Different ways of doing SEO
  •     In general, SEO can be implemented in three ways, each of which is done somehow and includes white hat SEO, black hat SEO, and gray hat SEO.

White Hat SEO

White Hat is a type of search engine optimization that focuses on stability and long-lasting quality over quick but risky spam methods. Indeed, it promotes ethical solutions that comply with search engine regulations. What does it mean in practice? First, the aim of White Hat SEO is to create quality content that increases user popularity and thus enables natural link building. Second, it prefers content-relevant keywords and meta data over keyword stuffing. Also, it follows rules set by search engines, such as Google, in order to avoid penalties. What are the benefits of white hat? In the long run, it is more cost-efficient as the risk of penalties is minimal and it saves you the cost of subsequent amendments. Although White Hat methods can be limited and costly, they ensure more stable rankings for your pages. 

Black Hat SEO

As opposed to White Hat, this type of search engine optimization covers practices that do not comply with search engine guidelines. The aim of these practices is to move up the rankings on search engine results pages within a short space of time. Black Hat SEO involves a wide range of techniques, such as various spam methods, text hiding, link farms, automatically generated content, sneaky redirects and keyword stuffing. It is important to point out that Black Hat tactics are risky. As a consequence, you might get your site banned from search engine, severely damaging your business. In case you have long-term business goals, we recommend that you opt against Black Hat SEO.

Gray Hat SEO

Considering the differences between White Hat and Black Hat, Gray Hat sits somewhere in the middle. It can be identified as a combination of both White Hat and Black Hat or as a transition between the two. The reason why this type doesn’t fall into neither the White Hat nor the Black Hat category is that its compliance with search engines’ terms of service is unclear. It’s not simply white or black, good or bad but no doubt the primary aim of Gray Hat SEO is to reach higher rankings. All in all, Gray Hat methods can be safe and efficient as long as they are used wisely and carefully.

Types of SEO techniques

SEO techniques can be grouped into three major categories: Technical, On-Page, and Off-Page SEO.

Technical SEO

Generally speaking, websites with specific technical characteristics such as responsiveness and fast loading speed enjoy search engines’ favor. When we optimize your pages for Technical SEO, we help you equip your site with those features. The aim is to facilitate search engines’ primary functions on webpages. It means that search engines index and rank pages with the right technical characteristics and content relevant to user queries. In fact, these points greatly influence the visibility of your business.

On-Page SEO

While Technical SEO focuses on optimizing technical characteristics, On-Page SEO focuses on the quality and structure of content and URLs. Through On-Page optimization, we make sure the content of your pages supply a demand. We also make sure that internal and external links are taken care of. On-Page SEO also involves keyword research and optimization of images and text format. Just as important a part of the process is setting optimal HTML elements, such as meta descriptions and title tags. These elements are highly important as they are displayed on search engine results pages. Henceforth, On-Page settings have a strong effect on your pages’ ability to rank. As part of our service we provide customized reports and professional advice on On-Page issues.

Off-Page SEO

While On-Page SEO covers functions within a certain page, Off-Page optimization puts emphasis on external factors. More precisely, everything outside your website influencing rankings on search engine results pages. When search engines determine how valuable a page is, popularity, trustworthiness and links from other sites promoting your website play a significant role. We have a wide variety of web resources to generate quality links to our clients’ websites. In order to maintain high-quality standards, we keep with the ever-changing search engine algorithms.


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